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1.  Getting Started

2.  Logging in to an Auction

3.  Sample of Live Bidding Page

4.  Choice Auctions

5.  Paying for the items you purchased

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Getting Started         back to index 

There are three steps to complete before you can attend an online auction.
(1) Get a bidder number and password
(2) Sign up for the auction you want to attend
(3) Fax a bank letter of guarantee for the auction

1. Get a Bidder Number and Password - First Time Users Only

  • Go to our home page www.equipmentfacts.com
  • Click on “Get a Bidder Number” on the left side of the page and complete the online form. Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions before you submit the form. You will receive an email within 24 hours with your bidder number and password. Keep these in a safe place; they are permanent and good for any Equipmentfacts auction

2. Sign up for the Auction

Once you have your bidder number and password you must activate them for the auction you would like to attend

  • Go to our home page www.equipmentfacts.com
  • Click on "Auction details" to the right of the auction you want to attend
  • Click on "Sign Up for Auction"
  • Enter your bidder number and password and scroll down to read the Terms and Conditions for the auction. Be sure to click "I Accept" before you submit the form. If the application was successful you will be taken to a confirmation page

3. Bank Letter of Guarantee

In order to be approved for an auction, Equipmentfacts and the auctioneer require one of the following:

  • Bank letter of payment guarantee
  • $5,000 (USD) credit card authorization only deposit – US, Canada, & Mexico
  • $10,000 (USD) credit card authorization only deposit – International Bidders 
  • $10,000 wire transfer deposit into the Equipmentfacts escrow account

If you wish to submit the credit card authorization deposit, please download the form below. If you would like more information about the wire transfer deposit, please contact our office.

Click here to download the domestic credit card authorization form (US, Canada, & Mexico)

Click here to download the international credit card authorization form

If you choose to submit a bank letter of guarantee, you must have your bank write a letter, signed, on bank letterhead.  The letter must state as follows:

“Mr. (Customer Name) of (Company Name) is a customer in good standing at our bank. We will guarantee the payment of their purchases at the (Auctioneer) located in (City and State) on (Auction Date) up to (Specify Amount) dollars from (Account Number). We hereby agree that no stop payment will be issued in conjunction with this letter.”

Bank letters that do not contain this exact information, or are not printed on bank letterhead, or are not signed by a bank representative, will not be accepted.  If your financial institution is unable to provide a letter with this particular wording, please consider one of our other auction approval options.


Logging in to an Auction         back to index  

Once you have completed steps 1-3 you are ready to attend the auction. On the day of the sale go to our home page www.equipmentfacts.com and click on "Auction in Progress" next to the auction you want to attend and the one you Signed Up for. You will be asked your bidder number and password. Read the rules and click the “I Agree” button at the bottom. Congratulations, you are now on the live Bidding Page.


Sample of Live Bidding Page         back to index  

The bidding window has many features. Working clockwise from the top left of the sample picture above, follow the arrows from the description to the correct part of the bidding window: 

Live Video Feed: Live video of the auction site and equipment being sold

Lot Description: Information about the current lot being sold. This includes the lot number, description, features, serial number, miles, and any other information available

Current lot: Along the top of the page is the current lot, showing the lot number and name of the item

Bid: Click this to bid the asking price on a current lot

Asking Bid: This number will appear in red and is the amount the auctioneer is asking for. When you click the bid button this is the amount you are bidding

Current Bid: This is the current high bid held by the auctioneer. If you are the high bidder your bidder number will appear below this number

Sale Catalog: Clicking this at any time during an auction will open the sale day catalog in a new window. It will show all the lots being offered online. Please note there may be items at the sale that are not offered online

Bid History: This shows all the bids for the current lot. Floor indicates a bid onsite

My Purchase: Clicking this at any time during the auction will open a new window that shows the lots you were the high bidder on. This list must be confirmed by the auctioneer before the sales are final

Chat: If at any time during the sale you have a comment or question, you can type it in the small bar to the left of this and click "chat" to send the message to the auction clerk. Please note anything you type here can only be seen by the clerk and only you can see his response

Chat Module: Here is where you will see any messages sent by the auction clerk. Although we provide live audio at all our auctions, not everyone has speakers on their computers. The auction clerk types any announcements the auctioneer says pertaining to the lot being sold. This is also where you will see a reply to a message you may have sent

Thumbnail Images: When a lot is being sold, click these small pictures to enlarge. The first picture on the far left is displayed by default. Pictures will include different angles, cabs & odometers (if available)


Choice Auctions         back to index  

When an auctioneer offers choice on similar items, you can purchase any of them or all if you are the high bidder. We will automatically display the first lot. Regardless of which one you want, bid on this lot. Once the lot sells, if you are the high bidder, boxes will display on your screen only for you to choose which ones you want. You can pick the first one only, the second and fourth, the third one or all. Just click on the boxes! If you do not make a choice, you will automatically get the first one only.

See Photos Below:


Paying for the Item you Purchased         back to index  

Once the auction is over, Equipmentfacts provides the auctioneer with your information: Bidder Number, Name, Company Name, Address, Phone & Fax Numbers. They will invoice you for the full amount - including our commission - usually the very next day, via fax.


Troubleshooting         back to index  

Invalid Bidder Number or Password

If you try to login to an auction and you get the message, "Invalid Bidder Number or Password", either you have not signed up or you have not yet been approved to bid for this auction.

Not Signed up?

To activate your bidder number:

  • Go to our home page www.equipmentfacts.com and locate the auction you would like to attend on the calendar
  • Click the "Auction Details" button to the right of the auction you would like to attend
  • On the bottom left of the next page click "Sign up for Auction" and fill out the form
  • After you click "Sign up" at the bottom of the page you will be redirected to a confirmation page. If you do not see the confirmation message then the sign up form was not filled out correctly, be sure to click the I accept box near the terms and conditions before you click sign up at the bottom of the form

This step must be done for each auction you would like to attend. It is also recommended that you do this step well in advance of the auction.

Already Signed Up?

The Auctioneer will require a bank letter before you can bid at their auction. If you have done the sign up step but still cannot log in we may need a bank letter from you. This will be clearly stated in the terms and conditions of each auction. Fax the bank letter to 908-788-2026, not the auctioneer.


Questions         back to index  

If you have any questions please call us at 908-788-2025 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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