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With Equipmentfacts you can Bid with Confidence, and here’s why:
  • Bidding online is just like bidding at an auction.  The auction is live, and all of your online bids are placed in real time.
  • You have the world at your fingertips.When you bid online, you can attend auctions around the world without going through the hassles and expenses of traveling.
  • We’ve been a trusted leader in the industry for 10 years and hold more live, industry-specific online auctions than any of our competitors.  Our experience speaks for itself.  When you bid with Equipmentfacts, you are bidding with the most sophisticated online bidding software, trusted by the best auctioneers in the country.
  • We are independently run and are not affiliated with any auctioneer or consignor.  We take pride in the fact that our business is always conducted in a fair and impartial manner.
  • We’re here for you.  Have a question? Our Equipmentfacts online auction clerks and customer service representatives are always available and happy to assist you.  They’re there to help you win your lot and have the greatest experience possible.
  • We speak your language.  With our multilingual website options and a bilingual customer support staff, we can accommodate any international bidder’s needs.  
  • Bidding online is fun!  Bidding online can get really exciting!  Don’t blink, or you might get outbid!
Online Bidding
The Equipmentfacts online bidding system provides an easy to use alternative to being on-site at an auction. We set up an easy to use, industry specific online bidding system that broadcasts auctions from locations around the world and streams directly to a bidder’s computer.  Our auction screen allows you to see live HD video, hear live audio, browse through multiple pictures of each lot, and directly communicate with our auction clerks. To place a bid, simply press the “Bid” button when you agree to the asking price, exactly like raising your hand at an on-site auction. 
Online bidding screen stats:
The Equipmentfacts online bidding system offers live audio with less than 1/3 of a second delay. Our live video broadcasts 7-12 frames per second with a delay of less than ½ of a second. The online bidding system also provides a detailed sales catalog with multiple photographs of each lot for auction. When live, streaming video is not available (for example, during a virtual auction), pre-recorded video clips of each lot may be provided.
Click here to take a tour of how our system works.
How to Become an Online Bidder
In order to participate in our online auction you must first obtain an Equipmentfacts bidder number and password. Your Equipmentfacts bidder number and password is permanent, and serves as your unique identification on our website.  Once you have a bidder number, you will never need to apply for another.  You’ll need your bidder number, password, and one of our forms of authorization in order to be approved to attend an Equipmentfacts online auction.
Click here to obtain a Bidder Number and Password
Once you have filled out the bidder registration form, click on “Register” to send Equipmentfacts your application.  Make sure you have read and accepted the terms and conditions. We will review your application and, if acceptable, you will receive an email from Equipmentfacts with your bidder number and password.  If you do not receive this email, please check your spam and junk mail folders.
How to Get Approved for an Auction
With your Equipmentfacts bidder number and password, you may now sign up for any online auction available on our website.  Locate the auction under our auction calendar and click on “Auction Details.”  Then click on “Register for Auction.”  Complete the steps on the application. 
In order to be approved for a live auction, Equipmentfacts and the auctioneer require one of the following:
  • Valid credit card authorization of $1.00
  • $500  - $5,000 (USD) credit card Authorization Only deposit (see individual auctioneer requirements upon auction registration)
  • Bank letter of guarantee
  • Direct approval from the auctioneer

If you wish to submit the credit card authorization deposit, please download the form below. If you would like more information about the wire transfer deposit, please contact our office.

Click here to download the domestic credit card authorization form (US, Canada, & Mexico)

Click here to download the international credit card authorization form

If you choose to submit a bank letter of guarantee, you must have your bank write a letter, signed, on bank letterhead.  The letter must state as follows:
“Mr. (Customer Name) of (Company Name) is a customer in good standing at our bank. We will guarantee the payment of their purchases at the (Auctioneer) located in (City and State) on (Auction Date) up to (Specify Amount) dollars from (Account Number). We hereby agree that no stop payment will be issued in conjunction with this letter.”
Bank letters that do not contain this exact information, or are not printed on bank letterhead, or are not signed by a bank representative, will not be accepted.  If your financial institution is unable to provide a letter with this particular wording, please consider one of our other auction approval options.
How to Submit an Absentee Bid
If you are unable to attend live online, you may leave an absentee bid with us before the auction begins.
Please remember that you must be a registered and auction-approved bidder before your absentee bid will be accepted.
To place your absentee bid, locate the auction you are interested in and click on “Auction Details.”  Then click on the “Absentee Bid” button.  Fill out the form and submit it to Equipmentfacts.
With this information, Equipmentfacts will bid on your behalf when your lot comes up for sale.  We will do our best to win the lot at the lowest price possible without exceeding your maximum bid.


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