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Equipmentfacts.com is the Leader in Online Bidding and Equipment Inspections for the Heavy Equipment and Truck Auction Industry. We offer a database of bidders that is the Envy of the Heavy Equipment and Truck Auction Industry.                                                                                                                                                                                  

Above all, Equipmentfacts.com knows the Auction Business.


We provide Auctioneers with a Turn Key Solution for Online Bidding, this means we do all the work.


Digital Photographs - we take 2-20 pictures of every item; of all angles, cabs and odometers. This allows the bidder to bid with confidence.


Sale Day Catalog - we upload it on our website as soon as you provide us with it. This allows the bidders to see and know what items you have to offer at your sale. All digital photographs get attached.


Bidder Management - we offer excellent customer service to answer any questions bidders may have. We receive and verify bank Letters of Guarante to insure the right bidders attend your auctions.


Advertising your auction - approximately two weeks prior to your sale, we sends e-mails to our entire database of bidders. One e-mail approximately two weeks prior to the sale announcing your auction with a preliminary catalog; another e-mail the day before as a reminder.


Auction Day Clerking - 1-3 Equipmentfacts employees are present at your sale managing the bids.


End of Auction Management - we provide you with a recap of all internet sales along with the bidders information


                        All the Auctioneer needs to do is sit back and watch his profit grow!


The Equipmentfacts.com™ Online Bidding system offers Live Audio with less than 1/3 of a second delay and Live Video of 7-12 frames per second with a delay of less than ½ of a second. The Online Bidding system also provides a detailed Sale Day Catalog with multiple photographs of each lot. When Live Video is not available, pre-recorded video clips of each lot can be provided.


The Equipmentfacts.com™ Online Bidding system is user friendly and easy to navigate. The bidder sees exactly what he is bidding on, the current asking price and is able to chat with us live one on one during the auction. The Equipmentfacts.com™ Online Bidding system brings the auction live right to the bidder's computer.

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